IMG_3422On the afternoon of November 15, 1924, my grandparents, Gladys May Spencer (1898-1984) and George Bradley French (1898- 1983) were married at the Blue Hills Baptist Church in Hartford, Connecticut.  Recently, I obtained their marriage certificate and a wedding program containing signatures of those on attendance.  Those signing the guest book included my great grandmothers Minnie Fowler Spencer + Mary McEachern French!  In addition, there was also a small 1923 calendar, where Gladys noted, item-by-item, the costs of her wedding dress, her bridesmaids dresses and other wedding expenses.

Gladys and Walter were divorced prior to 1940.  They had one son together, John Spencer French, born 1931.

Snippet from Gladys’ Wedding Planner

White Dress – Materials $15.80/Shoes $7.75/Garters $1.25

Velvet Dress (dressmaker) – $29.77/Shoes $5.90

Brides Maid Dress – Materials $15.94/ Thread .24c/ Ribbon $2.34

Wedding Expenses – Wedding invitations & announcement $16.00/Postage $3.00/Engraving ring $1.50

$1 in 1924 would calculate to approximately $13.96 in 2016 dollars.

For example, her wedding shoes would cost $108.22 today!

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