When we last visited my grandma Gladys, she was preparing for her wedding to George French.

1924 Wedding – Gladys May Spencer

As is often the case with genealogical research, we may only have a snippet of a relatives life that provides little depth on who they actually were.   I was fortunate to have access to her wedding materials and, with this post, am able to share a few additional items.  What I do not have is a picture of her in blue dress with half-dollar sized white polka dots or of her blue parakeet!

Gladys Spencer was born on June 22, 1898 to Samuel Eggleston Spencer and Minnie May Fowler in Hartford, Connecticut.  She married and divorced George French and later married Harry Goehring.  She had one child with George, my father John Spencer French.  Gladys worked as head cashier at Hartford Hospital and passed away, at the age of 85, on June 22, 1984.


Birth Certificate

Senior Residence ID card

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