$9,500 – The appraised value in 1879 of the real estate Abram French owned.

Would be worth $226,190 in 2015.

$4,775.60 – The appraised value in 1879 of Abram’s personal estate.

Would be worth $113,704.76 in 2015.

This post was originally supposed to be a short piece on the 1879 probate record of my 3rd great-grandfather Abram French, who resided in Lowell, Massachusetts. Nice visuals and quick facts estimating the value of his estate  in 2015 dollars. I have featured Abram in two previous posts: Which Abram are You? and Abram French – Leading Citizen

To punch up the piece, I wanted to provide a little background on the individuals mentioned in the document. However, the oddity of the relationship between the French and Dean families was much more interesting then the story of the probate.  You be the judge!
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Alice Dean French (1826-1923), the administrator of the e220px-Benjamin_Dean_-_Brady-Handystate, was Abram’s second wife.  Alice was twenty-three years his junior.  Her brother, Benjamin Dean (photograph), was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts.  In in odd twist, Benjamin was married to Mary Anne French, the daughter of Abram’s brother Josiah Bowers French, who was a former Mayor of Lowell (click his name to read about his life).  So, if I have this familial relationship right, Alice was both Mary’s aunt (by marriage) and sister-in-law.  Alice also happened to be three years younger than her niece, Mary.171266_1_tradecard

In addition, one of the appraisers, Amos Binney French, was Abram’s brother and to other was James F. Puffer.  James and Amos were business partners.

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